Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mobile & CMMS

ProTeus V Mobile (click-on PDA)
Wow!  When I think back to when I started in Maintenance using a paper calendar and index cards, I thought THAT was "High-Tech" for our company, at that time, a few shots of grease was PM!  Worse yet, we did not even have a work-order system.

I still remember (back in the 80s) how people were saying that "Technology" would double every year, and so far, I think it has...

Now the word on the street is that "Mobile" and "Barcode" will explode in the next 5 to 10 years. I will tell you what I think... I am willing to bet it happens sooner than that. Think about it for just a minute, we have been asked to do more with less:  the budget-cuts, the layoffs, no overtime. I am sure that you have your own set of circumstances to contend with. So let’s talk Mobile and what it can do for you and the company. After all, the name of the game is: efficiency and the protection of company assets.
• Technicians can scan a piece of equipment and instantly update maintenance records.
• With mobile devices, technicians have access to history and other pertinent information while performing inspections and repairs.
• Technicians can check stock for parts needed.
• Adjust physical inventory
• Update task, parts and labor
• Look at the asset history for information such as what was last done or special instructions.
• Create work orders
• Capture performance data on the spot.All this can be done without going back to the shop to look for a part or get information on the asset. Instead of writing all the information down on the work order and then record that into the CMMS, the chances of missed information and time spent is significant. By using Mobile, you have it in the system, and the input is accurate - on the spot! At that point, you have accomplished the elimination of paperwork, and improved data collection. That alone has just improved the efficiency of your department. According to some estimates - out of every four work orders, only one gets properly closed. Now that I have you thinking about the ways you can gain efficiency, take the time to look at what you are doing - and how Mobile and Barcode could benefit you and your company.

Since we've all been asked to do more with less - not protecting a company's assets is, "Not an Option"!
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